How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction? The Most Effective Remedies

More than half of men face impotence after 50-60, and it affects both health and psychological state. Luckily, modern medicine offers advanced methods of erectile dysfunction treatment.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?In a couple of words, this is inability to control erections and keep them during sexual intercourse. Men suffering from it admit lower sexual desire, short and weak erections, and find it hard to achieve orgasms. Although impotence is not considered to be a disease, being rather called a medical state, it should not be ignored, because it signals the presence of some other problems, be that psychological discomfort, illnesses, and bad habits.

Symptoms and Reasons

How to identify impotence? As a rule, a person experiencing it is unable to keep erection for as long as required, has difficulty in reaching ejaculations, and becomes indifferent to sexual relationships and his partner.Symptoms and Reasons

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by psychological or physical factors, including:

  • Diabetes, health problems and some issues with male health;
  • Stress and anxiety;
  • Low self-esteem;
  • Bad habits (alcohol, drugs);
  • Low physical activity;
  • Overweight;
  • Propiasm (curved penis);
  • Problems in relationships with a partner;
  • Low libido.

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Thus, there are many factors influencing sex drive and the ability to get an erection. If it happens all the time, health problems are more likely to condition this state. But if a man still gets stiff in the morning and during masturbation or watching porn, probably, some psychological factors are involved.

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Today, many kinds of treatment are available:

  1. The most drastic measure is surgery. How does it help? A doctor can either implant penile prostheses or improve blood flow to male member, which provides permanent solution for the problem.
  2. Another way of treatment is penis pump. It created vacuum and boosts blood flow to penile vessels, and that promotes faster and longer erections. The device works well for many, but is still not quite safe.
  3. Hormonal therapy allows correcting the level of testosterone, cabergoline and bromocriptine in body, providing better sexual desire and more potency. In many cases, this treatment is essential to sustain normal male health.
  4. Natural remedies such as yohimbe bark, ginseng, horny goat weed and many other plant essences make up for higher libido, sexual desire and stronger erections. Although orthodox medicine does not include these into treatment, lots of men admit that over-the-counter remedies work for them.


This is a medication that triggers blood flow to penis, and provides about 4 hours of stable erection. It takes effect in about 30 minutes, so a pill should be consumed some time before sexual activity. This is one of the most popular medications for ED: men buy Viagra in Australia, Europe, the USA and some Asian countries. Viagra is an effective and quite safe solution for impotence problem that works in most cases. However, there are some contra indications for the pills:

  • Low or high blood pressure hard to control;
  • 6 month after operations;
  • Deformed penis shape;
  • Serious problems with kidney, liver and stomach;
  • Heart problems (attack, failure, etc.);
  • Intake of some certain medications (HIV protease inhibitors, sildenafil, ketoconazole, alpha-blockers and others).

Viagra should not be taken, if a man experiences erections that last more than 4 hours or a sudden loss of vision or hearing.

Kamagra Oral Jelly

This is a good alternative to Viagra. Kamagra Oral Jelly formula also contains Sildenafil Citrate that boosts blood flow to penis and contributes to stronger and longer erections. The product is manufactured in small gel sachets of different flavors (cherry, pineapple, caramel, strawberry and others) that are taken orally about 30-45 minutes before sexual intercourse. Its active components inhibit cGMP enzyme that controls blood flow to penis. The effects lasts 4-6 hours (depend on individuals).

It’s up to you to decide which method is the most suitable, but remember that healthy lifestyle and warm relationships with your partner contribute to trouble-free sexual life to a greater extent.

Diagnostics and preventive actions of men diseases

men diseases

If you want to determine the disease, which is connected with the illnesses of genital system, you must do all the following diagnostics, as:

  • Blood test. If there is an inflammatory disease, the number of white blood cells will increase. Also we can tell the same about erythrocyte.
  • Urine test. It will help to detect the harmful microorganisms, which cause the disease.
  • Prostate gland in the diagnoses of such diseases plays the most important role. Here we must say about transrectal finger examination. It must be determined at size, contours, in the presence of focal seals.
  • Needle biopsy. It is also used for diagnose the prostate, epididymis, testis, seminal vesicle. It helps to understand the presence of inflammatory diseases and cancer.
  • Endoscopic research methods. They allow to explore mucosa of urethra.
  • Radiographic investigation methods. It means classical radiology. It is made by the use of excretory urography, descending cystogram after and before urination and also by mictional urethrogram. All these methods will help to understand all the anomalies of urethra and detect the abnormalities of the prostate.
  • Computer tomography is also widely used. It includes magnetic resonance imaging, radioisotope methods of research for accurate results and visualization of pathology.
  • Ultrasonography, which help to understand the presence of prostate diseases, epididymis and testicles.
  • Crops, which help to determine the microorganisms in detachable urethra.
  • Blood serum test, with help of which doctor will see the specific prostate antigens (if it is increased, that is the reason of cancer). Also here provides lactate dehydrogenase, human gonadotropin, removability antigen.

If you want to determine the erectile dysfunction, you must also use laboratory diagnosis and sexual test. This test includes the estradiol, blood hormones testosterone, gonadotropic hormones, prolactin. Also here we must mention about pharmacotherapy (study of blood vessels with the introduction of pharmacological preparations), cavernosography (x-ray method for fibrosis and venoocclusive dysfunction diagnosis), penis electromyography (method, that affords to diagnose the neurogenic dysfunction).

Preventive actions

What must you do? Firstly, it is very important to take preventing measures against the infections. You must have sexual education and culture. Also you mustn’t forget about condom use and regular sexual relations with the one partner.

Treatment of foci infection is also very necessary. It includes carious teeth and paranasal sinuses, which will help to prevent the development of infections. You must avoid such harmful habit, as smoking. Over the half of man, who have erectile diseases are smokers.

Timely treatment of the diseases must be taken into attention. Here we must underline arterial hypertension and the preventative measures for it. You must exclude the factors, which can cause cancer. That are heavy metals and microwave radiation.

Annual examinations after the age of 40 is not preferable, they are obligative. It is necessary to determine the level of prostate antigen, transrectal palpation and ultrasound. Such measures will help you doctor to determine cancer of the prostate and to treat it as soon as possible.

The appearance and symptoms, which were described above, are very important. If you notice one or another symptom, you must have a consult with a professional doctor. Your compliance will help you to save the health of reproductive system in time. Listen to your heart, because it will help you to reach the best results.

Erectile dysfunction and its peculiarities

What is it?


Erectile dysfunction is a condition when a man is unable to attain or maintain the erection for sufficient sexual satisfaction of both partners. While the disease, the sexual act and ejaculation are possible. The cases of erectile dysfunction are more frequent with age and are common for men older than 60 years. The causes of this condition are diverse. In determining the causes of erectile dysfunction are engaged andrologist, urologist, and sexologist. They prescribe treatment according to the specific case of the disease.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Causes of Erectile DysfunctionDepending on the etiology of the condition, there are three basic forms of erectile dysfunction:

1) Psychogenic form: dysfunction caused by stress, depression, neurosis, alcohol or drug intake, psychoactive drugs. In this case, there are no violations of the penis structure and of going through it vessels and nerves. Sexual attraction can be reduced; spontaneous nocturnal erections and saved.

2) Organic form. In this case, dysfunction caused by disturbance of the structure or function of the penis due to pathology of one of the levels:

violation of nerve impulses coming from the brain to the genitals and vice versa; deterioration of blood flow to the penis through the arteries or worsening the outflow from it through the veins; structural changes in male reproductive organs; violation of the process of hormonal regulation.

As a result, the overnight and spontaneous erections disappear and sexual libido is saved.

3) The mixed form: structural pathology leads to stressful situations, whereby sex activity becomes impossible.

Here are the main causes of organic erectile dysfunction:

Diseases of the vessels that carry blood to the penis and providing outflow of blood from him: atherosclerotic deposits in the walls of blood vessels (arteriosclerosis); vasculitis (inflammation of the walls); thrombosis; varicose vein disease is coming from the genitals; changes in the vessel walls, which developed as a result of, or diabetes, or hypertension.

Endocrine diseases and conditions, due to which decreases the level of testosterone in the blood: thyroid disease (see the symptoms of thyroid disease); a pituitary disease that causes testosterone deficiency, or excess production of prolactin; obesity; hypogonadism;

4) Nervous system diseases: multiple sclerosis; cord injury; myelitis; pinching of the spinal cord in the spinal canal – spinal disc biased; a spinal tumor or spinal cord, leading to their infringement;

5) Diseases of male genital organs:

scar fibrosis;  Serengeti’s; A scrotal hernia; Peyronie’s disease;  the trauma of the penis; the curvature of the penis; operations on organs of the urogenital system;  venereal diseases.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction

Symptoms of erectile dysfunctionThe disease can make itself felt at any age but erectile dysfunction symptoms are often seen in men older 35 years.

Psychogenic dysfunction is often for young people. It develops rapidly when sexual intercourse (usually it is preceded by the psychotraumatic situation) suddenly becomes completely impossible, the thought of it accompanied by anxiety disorders or anxiety.

Organic erectile dysfunction tends to develop gradually. It is manifested by the following symptoms:

  • the insufficient hardness of penis during intercourse;
  • the weakening of erection during sexual intercourse;
  • long time to achieve a normal erection;
  • the absence of erection during sexual intercourse desire;
  • decreased sexual desire; violation of orgasm.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

An adequate treatment of the disease can only be assigned to by a specialist, after finding out the causes of the condition. So, if the cause is diabetes, it is necessary, after consultation with the endocrinologist, to choose the right glucose-lowering therapy, and to receive treatment by cardiovascular drugs.

If the reason is the varicose of veins, the treatment of erectile dysfunction drugs begins with drugs that tonic veins and only on this background, begins the correction of erectile dysfunction itself. Treatment started immediately when the first symptoms of erectile problems appear are effective at 99%.

If erectile dysfunction is caused by inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, the antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal therapy assigned.

In addition to medical or surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction in men, an important element is a psychotherapy. It will help men to cure or conduct the prevention of psychogenic forms of erectile dysfunction.

Prevention of erectile dysfunction

To prevent the development of erectile dysfunction, you should observe the following rules:

1) sufficient daily levels of physical activity;

2) sports (except for cycling);

3) timely treatment of diseases of the internal organs and urinary system;

4) control blood pressure and blood sugar;

5) rejection of bad habits. So, smoking doubles the risk of erectile dysfunction;

6) maintaining a state of inner harmony: try  to ensure the absence of stress, expressed psycho-emotional overload;

7) maintaining a regular sex life, while avoiding excessive sexual intercourse.

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